Hair Glossing: Let Your Stylist Make You Shine

You loved you color when you left the salon. Now it’s three weeks later and your hair is looking a bit worn out. Pollution, harsh shampoos, styling products and high heat appliances can make your hair look dull and lifeless. Summer sun can fade your color. In the winter, dry heat indoors can sap the moisture out of your hair and the cold outside can make it brittle. Even natural virgin hair can feel the effects of the environment, harsh chemicals, styling products and tools. Your stylist can give your hair a boost with hair glossing. Hair glossing is a simple and quick service that can bring your hair back to life and add sparkling shine

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Your hair is made up of layers. The inner most layer, the cortex, is where color molecules reside. The cuticle of your hair is its outermost layer and is made up of small overlapping scales. When your stylist applies hair color, chemicals in the hair color open up your hair’s cuticle and replace the natural color molecules in your hair with its own color molecules.

Hair color comes in four different strengths. Permanent hair color takes out and replaces almost all of your natural hair color. Permanent color stays in your hair until it is cut, although permanent color will fade in time. Semi-permanent color does not enter the cortex and affect your natural color molecules, but resides in the cuticle layer between hair’s natural scale structures. Demi-permanent color enters your hair’s cortex but does not replace as much of your natural color as permanent. Semi-permanent and demi-permanent colors are excellent choices for blending gray or if you want to enhance your natural color, but it will fade in about six weeks. Temporary hair color only covers the outer layer of your hair and will wash out with your first shampoo. If you have naturally dark hair or have had color applied before and you want to go lighter, your stylist will apply a bleach product to remove the color first. Then your stylist will either apply a semi, demi or permanent color to the pre-lightened hair to achieve the desired results.

Hair glossing not only gives your hair shine but helps to make it more manageable. When your hair becomes dull, what has happened is that your cuticle layer has opened slightly and is losing some of the color molecules that made your hair color rich and deep when you first received your color service. Hair gloss comes in clear or can have a slight tint to it to enhance your fading color. Glossing products can replace the missing color molecules in your hair and helps to smooth the cuticle layer. When your hair’s outer cuticle layer is smooth, your hair is shiny and looks healthy. By replacing the missing color molecules, your hair is once again vibrant and full of life.

A hair glossing service starts with your stylist evaluating your hair’s condition. Next the gloss is applied to dry hair and allowed to process. Your stylist then washes and conditions your hair and styles it. Then you’re good to go. A glossing service is quick and easy and can refresh and restore your hair’s shine and lusture

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Out of town appointments welcome.