Hair Color Trends For Fall 2012

Hair Color Trends For Fall 2012

Redheads and platinum blondes or golden honey hues seem to be the color trend this fall 2012.  Actresses like Christina Ricci and Kristen Wiig are showing off their love for their new redhead hair color while Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley show the power of their blonde hair color, be it platinum or golden they’re both winners.

A woman with red hair.
A woman with red hair. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With hair colors trending in fall landing at 2 different ends of the color spectrum, many celebrities are moving to one end or the other.  Platinum blonde and red give the power of confidence and sex appeal and really make a splash on the red carpet.

If you’d like to trend, speak with your stylist to find the perfect shade of red or blonde.  If you are fair skinned, copper reds or fire reds add warmth to your complexion, though more yellow toned platinum blonde hair color is also well suited, for instance actress Anna Faris.  Deeper complexions allow for deep burgundy reds like Rihanna and light honey golden blonde color have you setting trends too.

Once your rich red or cool blonde color begins to fade and roots appear, not all hope is lost.  Sometimes your roots can provide a more natural contrast, though a re-coloring is always best and every 6 weeks see your stylist to keep your hair red hot or sweet like honey.

In these cooler fall months, it is recommended to get a deep conditioning with your stylist.  This will help keep your fall month coloring healthy and looking its best.

This fall make a statement with your color and rule the holiday season with a whole new look and tone for your tresses.  Many celebrities are hitting the red carpet with a change of color and setting some color trends this fall and starting the holiday season off with a bang.