Hair Color Tips – Oklahoma City Hair Stylist

Portrait of girl with straight, blonde hair
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Have you ever wondered why most women are coloring their hair? There are many reasons such as: looking better, feeling younger and more attractive or just to hide greys. Very often the hair and color of the hair tells a lot about us, ours character, spirit or even wishes. No matter what type of person you are, there are some tips you should know about hair coloring.

The first step should be visiting your hairdresser. The best and the safest way for coloring your hair is to have it done by a professional. So, don`t forget to consult your hairdresser, especially if you’ve decided to color for the first time in your life or if you want a totally different color! Your hair color depends on your complexion. So, it`s very important to choose the color that fits you the best because you will immediately look better, and your hair will look richer an shinier. The second step should be choosing the color. Also, it`s very important to ask yourself which color you would feel the best about? According to some stereotypes, blonde reveals a youthful, softer look, and brunette a confidence. Redheads want to be in the spotlight. What color would fit you?

If you have light colored eyes and light complexion you should choose blond. But keep in mind, if you decide to choose to be a “blonde” you should see your hairdresser often. Being a “blonde” means that the tops of your hair will often be dry and cracked. Seeing your hairdresser is crucial if you want a healthy and beautiful hairstyle! Also, blonde has a lot of shades, so choose one that suits you the best. In choosing shades listen to a hairdresser’s expert advice.

The most natural look for you might be brunette. But the exact shade of brown is very important too. It usually fits with brown eyes very well! If you have very light complexion, dark brown hair could make you look pale or ill. Consult your hairdresser to choose the right shade because the right color makes you look fresh. Highlights also refresh your hair. They make your hair richer and give your hair depth. Highlights will draw out and define certain sections of hair.

As mentioned above, redheads are always in the spotlight. No matter if your hair is short or long, you`ll be seen. Red color fits well with the person who has a light complexion and any color of eyes. For some women red color is refreshing, but may make some people look overdone. You have to be very careful with make-up too. If you go to a business meeting or job interview, tie your hair in a ponytail to make you look more serious. For evening, choose untamed curls and everyone will surely keep an eye on you. However, don`t forget that consulting your hairdresser is very important if you are seriously considering coloring your hair.