Is Gray the New Black? – Oklahoma City Hairstlyist

Style experts are now saying gray is the new black. They’re not talking about wardrobes, but hair color. Hair turns gray because the melanocytes in your hair follicles start to produce less melanin. Melanin is what gives your hair its natural color. This is a part of aging and genetics plays a major part in when you will start to notice gray hairs. It is true a head of gray hair can be stunning, but if your gray hair has a gold or drab cast to it how can you make it look spectacular and not just old?

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While your hair is turning gray you may want to have it colored to blend in the gray. But after a while you may get tired of having to go back every two weeks or so to get your regrowth colored. Once the majority of your hair has turned gray, you may decide to go natural. This is a bold move and can be a very attractive choice. While your hair is growing out your stylist may recommend lightening your hair to make the transition easier and more natural looking.

To keep your gray hair looking its best use shampoos and conditioners made specifically for gray hair. These products contain ingredients that tone down gold and yellow tones that can make gray hair look drab and lifeless. Most of them contain a slight blue or purple cast that highlights the silver and brings out the natural shine in your hair. Gray hair is exactly like colored hair in composition, but you may find it is a bit coarser. You still need to take care of it and keep it moisturized. Use protective products before you blow dry, curl or flat iron your hair. Keep up on your trims and cuts so that you don’t have split ends and to keep your style looking great.

Gray may be the new black, and you may want to go natural and let your silver hair shine. Ask your stylist for recommendations about growing out your natural hair color. She can help you make the transition and keep you looking great.

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