Five Reasons To Go Golden-Red This Fall

Move over rainbow pastel — there’s a novel, gem-inspired haircolor movement taking over on the West Coast — and this trend is just as alluring.

Everyone knows that golden-red is one of the must-have shiny colors we procure when looking for polished trinkets (not to mention that it’s also the sparkle that we most desire for covering up our e-gadgets).

Now, this hue is becoming the most Pinterest-posted hair color displayed on the Internet this pre-fall season.

Let’s see why…

short hair photoONE:  The trend never seems to end.

There are probably some skeptics out there who may clam that golden-red is nothing new, after seeing actress, Hilary Duff, debut her “sunset red” shade last spring at the Grammys and spotting Amanda Seyfried flaunting the hue in June.

But removing the celebrities from the hair color spotlight, we colorists feel that golden-red will always own some extra-long legs.

Why? Well, simply because this laid-back color— which exactly resembles the glow that’s radiated at the beginning of a California sunset — looks fantastic on all complexions.

TWO:  The tone works for everyone.

Think of “bling” but add a softer touch to it, and what you’ll have is an all-for-one color with a creative tone.

This means that skin complexion is a not a matter of concern for those who desire a golden-red mane.

Women of all ages can rock this trendy hue too, whether you’re a young student graduating from law school or a sixty-year-old, in-vogue lady at the beach, with tattoos and all, this tone suits anyone.

THREE:  The color is viable.

Further, as far as eccentric color goes, golden-red’s softer shade yields super practical benefits.

There’s no worrying about whether or not you can wear this hue at the office; golden-red is a completely acceptable hair color in any professional work environment.

FOUR:  The hue facilitates easy makeovers.

It’s also a great transition color for folks who wish to go darker in the short-term. Essentially, golden-red tone is a pale hue that naturally fades back to its lighter shade after a few weeks.

Hence, there really is no big commitment, here, and the harmless process of achieving the hue is as simple as just lifting the locks to a darker blond.

FIVE:  The shade works year round.

As mentioned earlier, this color is owns boundless fashion-life; however, those who wish to keep their mane golden-red in the long-term must know that it will entail some commitment.

Hence, his hue is not chic-hair for the indolent person. The natural-highlighting tone will need some patience and vigor for maintaining its lighter shade.

This means that regular salon visits will be necessary, and owners will need to invest in pro-hydrating, color-safe products to extend the color’s lifespan.

For hair color in Oklahoma City with low ammonia and low fade, call me (Anastasia) for an appointment.