Fighting Dull, Lifeless hair – Oklahoma City

Don’t give up hope just because you have dry, dull and lifeless hair. There are thousands of women out there who are fighting hair problems and have no clue how to deal with them.

Sometimes changing the shampoo or the conditioner fixes the problem, but most of the time the problem is not that simple. If you are facing the problem of dull hair, you need to follow some of the simple steps given below to revive your hair to its formal glory.

Regular Oil Treatments:

Oil your hair as often as you can. Most of us don’t realize the importance of oiling our hair on a regular basis. All day long, we strip our hair of its natural oils thus making them dry and leaving them prone to breakage, Make sure that you oil your hair once a week at least and try getting an appointment with your hairstylist for a hot oil treatment at least twice a month. Hot oil treatment allows maximum penetration of the oil inside your scalp and the hair follicles thus making them full of life again.

Don’t Wash Daily:

Washing your everyday is not good for your hair as it deprives the hair of its natural oils. So try washing your hair every alternate day if possible and opt for a mild shampoo that takes good care of your hair rather than making it dry and brittle.

Choose the Right Conditioner:

Choosing the right conditioner goes a long way in making your hair smooth and shiny so make sure you have the one that suits your hair type. There are also some great leave in hair conditioner that make your hair look healthier and glossier. Ask your hair expert which conditioner is the best for your hair type and then make sure that you use it regularly to revitalize your hair.

Natural Hair Care:

Sometimes using some natural hair care remedies can go a long way in making your hair healthy from the root to the shaft. For instance, yoghurt provides your hair with all the necessary nutrients such as protein to make it shiny and glossy. Egg is also a great source of nutrients necessary for hair growth.

Comb Regularly:

Combing your hair regularly and vigorously is a great way of boosting hair growth as it enhances the blood circulation. However, make sure that you use a wide-toothed hair brush or comb so that it is easier to detangle the hair and avoid breakage.

No Experimentation:

Trying to make complex and intricate hairstyles can damage your hair and cause a lot of breakage. So if you want to make a hairstyle which you haven’t made yourself before, go to your hairstylist rather than trying at home.

Regular Trims:

Your hair develops split ends after sometime which is why it is important to get your hair trimmed after a regular interval of time. Book an appointment with your hairstylist every two months for a trimming. It will not only make your hair look healthier but also help grow faster.