Fall 2013 Hair Color Trends – OKC Hair Color

Hair Color Remover and Re-Color
Hair Color Remover and Re-Color (Photo credit: justj0000lie)

If you love to change your hair color almost as often as you change your shoes, then this season has a lot to offer in terms of diversity and flair. Fall 2013 is all about contrasts and you’ll want to choose a palette that suits your skin tone and then be creative with your hair color choices from there. The most popular hair color options this season are natural, but the punk rock scene is also blasting out crazy color choices that have become more and more appealing to the mainstream. Whatever color you choose, just make sure it complements your aura and your skin tone. That way you really can’t go wrong this fall.

The colors that are most prominent on the runway this season are earthy, natural tones that are emphasized by either laid-back, relaxed hair or hair that has been carefully dressed using a variety of hair products. The rather than radical color choices and highlighting schemes of the past are  more muted and carefree this fall. If you’re not ready to dye your hair a bright shade of purple or shave the side of your head for a punk look, then go with something natural like a cinnamon red color or chocolate brown. You can’t go wrong with these colors this season.

Adding highlights to your hair this fall could also be a good move. But, keep them toned down a bit, r

English: Woman with natural red hair
English: Woman with natural red hair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ather than doing super-striking highlights that look unnatural, you’ll want the tones to look blended. Again, the goal is for hair to look more natural and soft. Many of the hair styles this season are romantic and extremely feminine. Your hair color should be the same way.

On the other hand, if you really like to stand out in a crowd and you like for your hair to bring out your eccentricities, punk hair color trends may be more appropriate for you to follow. With punk hair, you can approach your hair color options with a more creative impulse. Hair colors tend to be very bold and bright as the technology behind the hair colorant chemicals improves. Rainbow hair is still “in” among punk enthusiasts with some very stylish and attractive color options available.

If you decide to make a change in your hair color, be sure that you visit your stylist to get the best results from your efforts. Though you may have the best intentions, buying cheap hair color at the grocery store isn’t going to lead to shiny, sleek results. The hair color chemicals used at the salon are of a higher grade than those sold in stores and women who want to look their best for fall 2013 need to make sure that they go with hair color options that will keep their hair looking shiny and healthy.