Everything You Need To Know About The Modern Merman

Women aren’t the only people enjoying multi-hue hair vogue – men want to get in on the action too!

The merman craze has guys all around the nation coloring their mane (and their beards as well) in oceans of sapphire, jade, aqua and violet to mimic those mystifying creatures that live in the deep.

Some think that this fashion statement gives acquiesce to the ’80s, but the realty is, in 2016, mermen colors are not retro at all.

There’s an endless amount of ways today’s male can make a modern, colorful statement with his hair; yet, before a guy takes on a submarine revolution, he’ll need to ask himself two basic questions.

Let’s see what they are …

men with colored hair photo
Photo by garryknight

1) What kind of merman are you?

A lot of novice mermen opt for cool-toned colors of which a pro-stylist can perform in just one session. This look is subtle, and some guys can even get away with sporting “toned-down” merman hair at work.

However, the real trendsetters are the mermen who flaunt those vivid sea-and-sky pastel hues of green and blues with an occasional pink or purple hidden in the mane. Superstars like Jared Leto and Zayn Malik started this ultra-merman movement in 2014.

Yet, boldness is not the only ingredient needed to sport a flamboyant-colored mane; the tinting process itself is a bit cumbersome; first, a guy will need to go peroxide blonde.

Next, comes the pastel hand painting, in a second session, which can take a few hours, if you own longer locks.

This goes the same for tinting beards and eyebrows, which many men desire for harmonizing with their newly-enhanced mane.

2) Is this a permanent or temporary merman journey?

Temporary merman hues (semi-permanent) can offer a guy more innate color, and obviously, this would be the way to go for the man who is unsure if they’ll want to flaunt a bright-colered mane during Sunday church services.

A semi-permanent mane will stick around for about three to six weeks, fading more and more after every shower. Further, most temporary hues do not contain bleach.

Although this is a safe plus when talking about hair damage, the temporary dye may not be strong enough to lighten your hair to a natural-looking tone.

On the other hand, permanent mermen coloring (a.k.a oxidation) employs chemical agents like hydrogen peroxide or ammonia to get the job done. A perm mane will stay colorful until the hair grows out or until toned down in another session.

As mentioned earlier, achieving long-lasting color may require two sessions. The reason for this is because your stylist will want to make sure there’s minimal damage to the mane; perm chemicals are stronger than semi-perms, and the concoction stays in the hair for longer periods of time.

Hence, permanent dyes can be more damaging to your hair, if a non-professional does the work.

There is one last thing. We call “perms” permanent for a reason; no pro-stylist will add more chemicals to locks that have been subject to a coloring job less than six-months prior.

What this means for mermen who choose permanent hair coloring is that they will be stuck with the tone for at least six months, or until they shave their heads.

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