Deep Conditioners for Healthy Hair – Oklahoma City

Deep conditioning is the key to healthy, glossy and shiny hair.  Most of the times, we start ignoring the use of conditioners on a regular basis and worry when our hair becomes brittle and dry. Ask any hairstylist and he or she will tell you that using a proper hair conditioner regularly is the most important part of your hair care regimen and deviation from this can damage your hair.

While almost everyone uses a wash out hair conditioner when they wash their hair, it is often not enough. From time to time you need to give your hair the deep conditioning it needs to remain healthy and shiny all around the year.

The reason why conditioners are so important is that they hydrate your hair thus replenishing the natural moisture to your hair that is lost due to exposure to heat, harsh chemicals and pollution. When your hair becomes rehydrated, its shaft becomes stronger and is thus less prone to breakage. On the other hand, dry hair breaks very easily and develops split ends – a sure sign of unhealthy and dry hair.

If you style your hair on a regular basis – and most of us do, let’s face it, we survive a day without having our hair perfectly styled – you need to use a deep conditioner at least once a month, even better if you can do it twice. However, deep conditioning your hair does not mean that you don’t have to use the regular conditioner every time you shampoo your hair. Bear this in mind, your hair loses moisture and oil every day and this moisture needs to be replaced on a regular basis if you want healthy hair.

When you deep condition your hair, make sure that you use a heart cap or at least wrap a towel around your hair dampened with hot water. This helps the conditioner penetrate the cuticle much more effectively and even makes your scalp healthier.

It is also important to get the conditioner that suits your hair type and has the necessary amount of proteins, oils and herbal extracts that are needed to completely replenish your hair. There are many different types of conditioners available in the market; some of them are protein based while others are moisture based. If you are unsure about which conditioner will suit your hair type and provide the necessary nourishment, ask your hair stylist to help you out.

If you find it hard to give yourself a deep conditioning treatment at home, you can also go to your hair salon and get this treatment done once a month. There are many different kinds of deep conditioning treatments offered at various salons and you can get a different one every time.

Some people use their regular conditioners for the deep conditioning treatment, but the result is not nearly as effective. Regular conditioners do not penetrate the hair shaft very deeply and thus are not very effective in moisturising your hair.  Invest in a good quality deep conditioner for healthy and glossy hair.