Dealing with Damaged Hair That’s Been Permed or Colored – Oklahoma City Perm

It happens to everyone. Women tend to push their hair to the limits at least once in their lifetimes thinking nothing bad will ever happen to them. But the reality is, perms, color treatments, and the day-to-day of styling can really take their toll. If you’ve recently pushed your hair to the edge, you’re probably trying to come up with a way out of your situation. The best advice is, don’t do anything without the help of a professional stylist. If your hair is already dry, frizzy, and damaged then you’re courting disaster by trying to fix the problem on your own. Instead, enlist the help of someone who’s dealt with hair emergencies before so you can get back to your beautiful self.

Hair coloring
Hair coloring (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First of all, there are some myths out there about hair color. Some women believe that coloring their hair won’t damage it as long as they’re not using bleach. This just simply isn’t true. Every time you color your hair, some damage is done to it. It may not wreak as much havoc as bleaching, but if you’ve dyed your hair a darker color multiple times, beware of doing anything radical with it by yourself. Don’t attempt to perm your hair or bleach it a lighter color without the help of a stylist. Though you may be eager to make a big change, sometimes it’s best to let the hair grow out and start over than to risk having it fall out in chunks because it’s been damaged beyond repair. An excellent professional-grade conditioner specifically for damaged hair may be needed and it definitely pays to get the advice of a talented stylist to decide what to do next (perhaps a hair cut is in order!).

Perming your hair will inevitably cause damage to your locks. Like it or not, a perm may make your hair super-sensitive to hair color. Even if you get a perm and the perm doesn’t take, you still need to exercise caution if you decide to make a color change. A qualified stylist will be able to find hair color options that will work for you despite a perm, but don’t get too confident and try it on your own. Most boxed hair color treatments that you can buy at the local grocery store have a warning in the instructions about using the dye on permed hair because the results aren’t certain. Because perming alters the constituency of the hair, color treatments can go off-course which means damage times two (you’ve damaged your hair by perming it and by dyeing it or bleaching it). Undoing these messes often means doing even more damage to the hair which can be precarious. That’s why women are encouraged to find a stylist who is knowledgeable and trustworthy if they find themselves in this kind of a pickle.