Control Greasy Hair Easily ­– Oklahoma City

Greasy hair can be as big a problem as dry hair. If you have dry hair, you can rectify the problem to a large extent by using the appropriate conditioners. However, tackling greasy hair is much trickier but not at all impossible. You need to find the right hair care products and follow some of the basic steps mentioned in this article religiously to have healthy shiny hair at all times.

The Right Shampoos & Conditioners:

Whenever you are shampooing your hair, make sure that you avoid the scalp and apply the conditioner to the middle and the ends. After shampooing, make sure that you rinse out the conditioner completely. Also it is important that you keep away from leave-in conditioners if you have greasy hair. Talk to your hairstylist and find out which shampoo and conditioner is best for greasy hair.

Washing Tips:

Never wash your hair in hot water as that prompts the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil and in turn make your hair greasy. You should also avoid touching your hair too much as oil from your fingertips gets transferred to the hair. It is important that you shampoo your hair everyday if you have very oily hair to avoid the build-up of oils and reduce greasiness. You can wash your hair with warm water but always finish with cold water as that will reduce oil production.

Brushing Less Often:

Excessive brushing can also prompt your hair to produce more oil as it activates the sebaceous glands. This oil is produced on the scalp and then carried on to the rest of the hair via brushing. So just brush your hair when you need to style it and then leave it alone for the rest of the day.

Hair Masks:

One of the best ways of making your hair less oily and greasy is to use clay based hair masks. These masks not only clear your hair’s excessive oils but also rejuvenate your hair follicle from the root to the shaft. Many people use hair masks to nourish their hair but of you already have greasy hair, sometimes using a moisturising mask can create problems. Make sure that you talk to your hair stylist and get his opinion on which hair mask is best for your condition.

Balanced Diet:

Sometimes the reason behind greasy hair can be that you are not taking a properly balanced diet. Just eating healthy and drinking more water, you can improve the condition of your hair considerably. You must try to incorporate fresh vegetables and fruits into your diet.

Tie your Hair:

Sometimes leaving your hair loosely falling around the face can lead to excessively greasy hair as the tresses catch oil from your skin and diffuse them to all of your hair. So try to put up your hair as often as possible to avoid contact between hair and skin. This can also work the other way round as sometimes oil from your hair can be transferred to your skin and make it more oily.