Coloring Hacks For Men With Gray Manes

Man’s vanity with coloring their gray hair is not yesterday’s news. So, why is it, then, a lot of guys are still getting it wrong?

Let’s help you men out there get the best coloring job possible by shouting out some advice on everything from hiding the gray strands to going for a full revamp.

Burying The Gray

man grey hair photo
Photo by rafiq s

Owning gray hair is rightly expected with age, and just because some salt shows up in your pepper doesn’t necessarily mean that your confidence should go away. However, there are those who are not ready to embrace their gray. Here’s how to make it disappear.

First, it’s important to talk to your stylist about which tint options would work best for your hair’s texture. Almost any hue that matches the hair’s innate color will work well with long hair. But, if you own short hair and your main priority is covering up only patches of grey, your professional may recommend a color that is two shades lighter than the intensity of your natural hue.

This pro-advice will help counteract any warmth issues that may develop in the mane later.
It’s also worth asking about a semi-permanent color, unless you’re absolutely sure that you know what hue-scheme works best for you.

Going Platinum

Let’s face it, an older man with bleached hair or platinum blue will have some folks turning their heads. Think about celebrities like, Jared Leto and Jake Woolf, if you want to consider platinum hair, but do be careful because this hue doesn’t go well with every skin tone (no redheads); and it’s not a color that most men can flaunt around the office.

Lastly, know that an especially dark mane will require at least two lightening treatments to unearth the right shade of blonde or blue platinum that matches the skin character.

The Rainbow Movement

Feel like stepping it up a notch? Why not try a bold green or blue tone or any bright color to change a lightened mane. Don’t worry, this style can go non-permanent, if needed, by applying water-based toners, which don’t own any harmful chemicals and won’t damage the hair’s follicles or ends.

Making It Last

Normally, the grey stands will start to appear again on shorter hair in a few of weeks. However, guys with longer locks can take steps to slow the fade. Color-hold conditioners are available at most pro salons, which should be applied at least three times a week.

For bleached or platinum hair or for a Technicolor mane, blue or violet shampoo is available to pacify that yellow or green tinge that can form when the hair’s protein structure starts to poke through as the weeks pass.

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