Brunettes Can Own Eye-Popping Pastel Hair Too…

Rainbow hair first started hitting the streets in 2014, where a few select women took some bold strides to rock unforeseen colorful tresses in everyday life.

Since then, pastel hair has progressed to a commonly adored expression for those living in pop-life, where you can see women from NYC to China flaunting their auburn-yellow hair, pale-purple tresses, or jean-hue manes down city streets.

colored hair photo
Photo by Helga Weber

Animated hair in the rainbow trend class can work well with all hair types, but it’s particularly well-liked among those with lighter hair textures. This is because blonder locks set the foundation for electric color that seems to pop the eyes of onlookers.

Hence, brunettes may feel a bit desirous of this advantage hair perk, which may seem hopeless to achieve with a darker ‘do.

No worries you brunette babe! There is a now-viral, rainbow-brunette trend going on that produces the same eye-popping effect on darker hair when integrated with naturally-dark roots.

Know first that all hair tones need to be pre-faded for rainbow hue application. In the world of coloring, there is a one to ten color wheel that assigns numbers to a person’s natural hair tone—one for dark-brunette, and ten for platinum-blonde.

This means brunettes will need to raise their natural tone to a at least a six on the color helm in order to get some eye-popping, brown-pastel action going. Further, the pastel hue you choose will also determine how light you’ll need to go.

Are you feeling intrigued? Let’s look at some amazing Fall/Winter rainbow hues for sassy brunettes that cater to all skins tones.

Sri Lanka Cobalt

Description: A dramatic, deep, azure-navy blue that almost looks blue-black in dark lighting, but displays an impressive dimension when outdoors.

Best for: women who own dark brunette to black hair tone, and possess cool complexions, which will naturally harmonize with this rich cobalt hue.

Russet Mauve

Description: This is a muted tone with deep chocolate, crimson, tepid-brown overtones for autumn that is definitely NOT a pumpkin spice cliché.

Best for: all skin tones, and for women desiring cool colors with a faint pastel-hair appeal.

Tempestuous Gray

Description: A low-maintenance hue that holds a muted-touch of silver; its profound base brilliantly distinguishes the gray ends, which are all engaged in an ash-brown midsections that will fade, naturally, in a stunning way.

Best for: everyone.

Red-Carmel Brown

Description: This hue is a brunette tone that’s stimulated with caramel pops of hand-painted, dark-red hues.

Best for: Women who want an office-friendly color that can last at least four months and still look as if they left the chair yesterday.

Shadowy Moonstone

Description: A slick-back style that flaunts diverse shades of purple, sapphire, lilac, navy, and cerulean tones.

Best for: daring, medium-to-light brunettes who have no problem lightening their locks to a nine or ten on the color wheel for reaching the moonstone’s eye-popping, softer tones.

Metamorphic Indigo

Description: An edgy color that is deep purple at the roots and blends to deep silver-metallic indigo at the ends.

Best for: brunettes with piercing eyes who went blond-balayage one season prior, since this tone’s warm pastel hues will balance well with the calm pale undertones of last season’s color job.

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