Best Winter Colors for Stunning Hair – Oklahoma City

The last thing you want in winter is dull, monotone hair – this is why it is the perfect time to try out something new. Metallic and shiny hair colors are the rage this season and by experimenting a little, you can find the perfect hue for your color. Here we have some of the coolest and the most impressive hair colors for the season, but make sure you get a stylist to do these. Highlights and combination hair colors are difficult to achieve so don’t try to do it at home.

hair color winter photo
Photo by Parker Knight

Golden Brown
If you have plain brown hair, the simplest and easiest way of adding life and warmth to it by adding golden highlights. Beautify and rich golden highlights give brown hair an overall shiny and gorgeous appearance.

Rose Blonde
Another trendy hair color that the stylists are going for this winter is a hint of pink in bright blonde hair. Before you rule it out as being too jazzy, look at the photos of celebrities like Sienna Miller, who have tried this hair color with success. The pink tint is always faded out so it gives general warmth to pale blonde hair.

hair color winter photo
Photo by ckaroli

Auburn Brown
A great way of giving brown hair a zing is adding chestnut highlights to achieve the perfect balance between red and brown. You can go for a bright red or a deep burgundy shade, depending on your current hair color.

Chocolate Brown
Chocolate Brown is an all-time favorite color for winter season as it is warm, rich and glamorous. The best thing is that this one of the safest colors to try, especially if you aren’t that sure about it. Just make sure you get a good quality hair color because chocolate brown can end up looking very dull if it is not glossy enough. If you have very dry hair, you might have to invest in some great conditioners to pull it off.

hair color winter photo
Photo by NiePhotography

Dark Black with Purple
Another great way to go with dark hair is to choose black with a purple tint. Plain black can be very dull, especially in winter – so if you have black hair you can easily make it more glamorous by getting purple tints. You can either have highlights throughout your hair or just add them to the lower half of your hair, either way it will look great.

One of the most beautiful and expressive shades for winter is caramel as it lies in the sweet range between blonde and brown. The shade is warm and appealing to the eyes and if it suits you, you can make a real impression on people with your stylish locks. A lot of celebrities are choosing the shade this year and it looks like caramel is here to stay.

Red with Copper
Nothing makes you look more glamorous and royal than adding a touch of red to your copper hair. Ask your stylist to give you the perfect blend of red and copper to achieve the perfect look this winter.