The best foods to eat for healthy looking hair – Salons Oklahoma City

Nothing makes us feel as good about ourselves as knowing that our new or refreshed hair style makes us look our gorgeous best. Shiny and healthy hair is the basis to making our chic look hold up and look great for the longest amount of time. The best foods for healthy looking hair include a wide variety of foods that you need for general good health and well being. So give your stylist a hand by including hair friendly foods and snacks into your daily menu.

The Ancient Egyptians knew that feeding a pati...
The Ancient Egyptians knew that feeding a patient liver (back, right) would help cure night blindness. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A lack of protein in the diet could slow the growth of your hair and weaken the strands. If possible, even if you’re a weekday vegetarian, try to add a little bit of poultry, fish, beans, lean beef or nuts to every meal and snack to help plump up those wimpy strands.

The lean red meat will also help prevent an iron deficiency that could lead to hair loss. In some cases it can even help with hair regrowth, especially in women. Other sources for iron are egg yolks, turkey, dried fruit, whole grains and beans.

Don’t forget the Omega-3 fatty acids, especially if you suffer from a dry scalp. Eat plenty of walnuts and flax seeds if you aren’t getting enough salmon, herring, mackerel or sardines in your diet. The result will be shiner and healthier hair.

Make sure your body is able to absorb the iron needed to keep your locks at their healthiest. Fruits and vegetables with a lot of vitamin C can help prevent an iron deficiency by increasing iron absorption. Fill your plate with leafy greens, broccoli and green peppers. At snack time reach for strawberries or citrus fruit to keep your hair from weakening and looking dull and dry.

Silica is a mineral that many believe add to the thickness of the hair. Silica is found in beer, but use alcohol moderately and eat oats, raisins and bananas for thick tresses.

Slow hair growth and dandruff is often traced to a lack of zinc in the diet. Lean beef, liver, oysters, crab and wheat germ all have the mineral (zinc) that helps your body regulate the amount of androgen hormones produced, and can lead to healthier hair.

You can nourish your skin and your hair with beta carotene rich sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, kale, pumpkin and asparagus. Your body will convert these foods to vitamin A for glowing hair and less dandruff. Fight off brittle hair with Vitamin B rich almonds, salmon, avocados, low fat cheese, wheat bran and peanuts.