Beat the Winter Hair Doldrums

Winter can sap the moisture out of your hair, and moisture is vital to your hair and scalp’s health. Harsh winter weather and dry central heat can make your hair feel and look dry. They can also make your hair frizzy and hard to manage. You can help your hair make it through the winter with some simple tips.

Use shampoos and conditioners with natural oils and ingredients. Argan oil is one of the best types of oil you can use on your hair. It absorbs completely and doesn’t leave your hair or scalp feeling greasy. Other hydrating ingredients include shea butter, jojobal oil, and sunflower oil.

Don’t wash your hair everyday. Although you may have been taught to wash your hair each and everyday, it is best to wash it every other day or three times a week unless you have very oily hair. This gives your scalp a chance to replenish the natural oils that keep your hair look and feeling healthy, shiny and strong. It also helps prevent scalp irritation.

Avoid using very hot water when shampooing your hair. Hot water opens up your cuticle (outer) layer of your hair too much and can make it feel rough.

Have a deep conditioning treatment. Once a month make an appointment to go to the salon and ask your stylist for a deep conditioning treatment. Not only will this rejuvenate your hair, but it is relaxing and makes your scalp feel great.

Treat yourself to a scalp massage while you’re getting a deep conditioning treatment. Massage stimulates the circulation in your scalp and helps to distribute the natural oils.

Use protective products before using your flat iron, curling iron, hot rollers, or blow dryer. Heat protective products keep your hair from scorching, helps to prevent breakage, and keeps your hair color vibrant.

Be sure to visit the salon at least once every six weeks for a trim. By keeping the ends of your hair trimmed you not only keep your haircut looking good, but you prevent split ends which can make your hair look and feel dry and frizzy.

The old wives tale of brushing your hair 100 times before bedtime does have some factual basis to it. Use a natural bristle wide paddle brush every night to brush out any tangles. A natural bristle brush also helps to distribute the natural oils and is very gentle on your hair. Ask your stylist for other tips to help beat the winter hair doldrums. She can give you recommendations on products and tools to keep your hair looking great all year.

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