5 Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair ­– Oklahoma City

No matter what your hair length or hair color, it does not look good unless you have healthy, shiny hair that bounces with life. In order to make sure that your hair is healthy and strong, you do not necessarily have to invest in expensive hair products. Most of the time, following some simple steps on a regular basis can give you the healthy hair that you need. Here are 5 tips to make sure that your hair is healthy and strong.

Take Multivitamins:          


One of the most common reasons why your hair becomes rough and brittle is that they your body lacks certain nutrients which are responsible for healthy hair. By taking multivitamins, you can not only return your hair to its former glory but also enhance the hair growth process. Usually, your hair stylist can tell you which hair vitamins are known for producing great results. Make sure that the multivitamins you are taking have folic acid in them as it really makes a lot of difference to your hair.

Massage Your Scalp Daily:

A great way to make your hair grow longer and stimulate hair growth is to massage your scalp on a daily basis. Even if you massage your hair for 5 to 10 minutes, it can make a great difference. Massaging your scalp stimulates blood circulation, which then ensures that your hair receives all the nutrients that it needs. If you do not like massaging your scalp dry, you can use any kind of hair oil so that it provides the essential nutrients to your hair.

Don’t Leave Your Hair Down all the Time:

People love to let their hair down but it leads to more breakage and more damage from the environment. So, if you want to have healthy and strong hair, make sure that you wear it up or make a braid at least half of the time.


Trim Your Hair Regularly:

When people are growing their hair long, they often tend to forget trimming their hair or tend not to get it trimmed in order to retain the length. This is a big mistake as it makes your hair look dry and brittle. As your hair grows long, the ends tend to get dry and damaged due to the environmental damage and other factors, which makes it essential to get your hair trimmed and get rid of all the split ends. So every 2 months, book an appointment with your hair stylist and get a good trim. This will make your hair look healthier and it will grow back to the original length in no time.

Change Your Brush:

Using a steel combed brush or a plastic one can often damage your hair every time your brush it. Make sure that you use a boar bristled brush as it is softer and kinder to your hair. Moreover make sure that your brush your hair very thoroughly before you go to bed every night, otherwise it will get tangled and break.