Why You Don’t Need To Hire Kate Middleton’s Stylist To Get A ‘Rich-Girl’ Look!

Rich Girl Hair (RGH) is the in-demand fresh hair appeal of the spring, and it seems to be everywhere we look. Kate Middleton motivated countless women to consider this no-fuss, retro-hair design, which a few folks may have observed a handful of elegant Italian women showing off the cut in the 1980s.

kate middleton photo
Photo by HotGossipItalia

It’s basically just lengthy, smooth hair with a diffused twirl that is vaguely faint, appearing more like a bend, which offers the cut a significant, well-balanced allure and a more polished style. Tagged ‘innovative’ and ‘lavish’ backstage at the NYFW runways this season; RGH works to make the women appear as stunning as possible in a sublime and spontaneous approach.

The RGH Key Is In Its Ridiculous Shine

So, exactly what makes RGH standout from the soothed-rugged look of beach waves? Well, it seems the RGH image is determined by the reality that it is merely nurtured instead of over-styled. Different from beach waves, the hairstyle is ‘silky and neat’ without any stiff texture, which is what beach wave styles frequently generate.

RHG’s well-balanced appeal also allows the person wearing it appear as if they always had the time (and the cash) to manage their hair effectively.

It’s In The Bend and Not In The Curl

To obtain an affordable RGH hairstyle, your coiffeur will condition the scalp well to achieve smooth hair prior to very gently waving parts with an iron–only squeezing each part for a few seconds. What the stylist is seeking is a bend, instead of a visible curl. The Rich-Girl bend centralizes on a freely cultivated wave to be located in the halfway section of the hair.

For women with natural curly hair, RGH is even simpler to produce. After a wash, your stylist will simply need to comb your hair semi-straight and to mix in some product for shine.

It may seem that RGH sounds pricey and or it may seem like the cut will call for high-end hair solutions; however, RGH is really an effortless and no-fuss design to simulate. It’s all about improving the natural motion and smoothness of your hair by adding grace and shine.

So, who said that one can’t come across as luxurious without going broke? Appearing lavish should really always be about looking natural and contemporary and not looking exaggerated, which is why stylists, nowadays, are mimicking budget-friendly Rich-Girl cuts all throughout the nation.

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