Trend to Try: A New Twist on Headband Braids

In my last post, we talked about the ManBraid; so, this week, to keep women in the loop on the 2015 braid-craze, let’s discuss the super-popular, headband braid. The gals this season are just lovin’ the modern braided-headband (not the same braid your mom made you go to school with when you were 10) that our pop-stars made popular last year.

braid photo
Photo by GollyGforce – Living My Worst Nightmare

Keep in mind, girls, that this is not a French braid, but the steps for the stay-put, headband braid are strangely familiar. Braided headbands are ideal for stylishly pulling lengthy hair back when the heat and humidity kick in, and the style can be worn during the day or while rocking the night.

The 2015 versions that celebrities use today are baby-chic styles that work well on all hair types (as long as you have at least shoulder-length hair). Let’s check out a few of the braided headbands out there to choose from:

The Giant Braid

If you own thick hair that has a mind of its own (especially in the wind), you will want your stylist to execute a bigger, slightly set-back braid like the one Christina Aguilera sported on The Voice. This allows you to take advantage of your hair type, instead of fighting it, because any loose strands will look intentional. You can also let the front hair do its own thing and still appear boho

The Twofold Braid

Sometimes lots of layers can make a single braid look choppy. No worries on this dilemma; just go for a charming double braid. Sporting a twofold braid will allow you to divide the hair into different areas of length, which will produce an even appearance and make life easier on your stylist when executing your new look.

The Mid-Part Braid

Jessica Alba just loves the center-part, headband braid, since she has worn it a lot of different ways in many of her films. The center part braid complements women with shorter hair. It’s also the braid for gals who want to keep their bangs because gravity will play in the braid’s favor. This means no loose ends peeking out from the short cut.

The Way-Back Braid

A way-back headband braid is for women who have hard time making any braid-type work with their hairline. It’s an especially good version for women with long, single-length hair that is impossible to braid in the front.

The Baby Braids

Kim Kardashian started the baby-braid craze after her stylist stacked three to four small braids together to flaunt a more graceful impression. Stacking skinny, braids in sync flatters women with mid-sized hair length because the further back you baby-braid, the more control you’ll have over your frizzy ends.


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