Tips For Flaunting Modern Summer Bangs

Have you heard about the fringe attack that’s showing up in more than half of this year’s summer hairstyles? Well, now you have; post-summer bang demand has risen twofold in salons across the nation, which makes it this year’s pre-fall breakout trend.

Now, this claim may sound crazy, since a woman’s impulse is to lift her locks up and away from her face during summer heat; however, 2016 fringes possess versatile styling options, while at the same time, they allow owners to tuck and hide them whenever necessary.

Would you like to know more? Well, your friendly-neighborhood stylist is here to offer some pro-insight on the new summer bang trend and to give some advice on what clients should think about before heading to the salon.

hair bangs photo
Photo by Helga Weber

Today, imperfect bangs are perfect.

A perfectly cut fringe hardly exists anymore. Hair professionals have come to realize that the perfect contemporary bang is a fringe that will look good only on their client and no one else.

What we don’t want to offer are celebrity-Pinterest fringes that will stress folks out when trying to style them into shape each morning.

Simply put, a modern bang’s only prerequisite is that it must agree with the client’s personality and hair texture, which makes each one intrinsically imperfect.

Further, days will come, after leaving the chair, when you’ll wake up and discover that your fringe is flat-out fabulous. Yet, the next morning, those same bangs may awaken dreadfully frightful.

Hence, the imperfect cut must also guarantee that the client can effortlessly and secretly hide her fabulously-flawed frontal locks on the days that she won’t have time to style them into shape.

In order to get there, your stylist will need to consider face type, structure, texture and lifestyle to create a visible fashion element that will turn some heads until it grows out.

Hair Texture

After reading all the above, you may have guessed by now that it’s important not to arrive at your appointment with a specific fringe-reference in mind.

Remember, getting an atypical fringe to work with one’s distinctive hair type via daily styling can be frustrating. For example, women with waves should not have to mess with blow-drying or straightening their bangs everyday (which could lead to some “weird forehead” results).

Professional stylists know that a wispy bang, which falls elegantly and effortlessly across the face, is the starting point for folks with fine hair.

Conversely, short, blunt fringes would complement people with thick, straight hair, and curly-haired clients should kick off their fringe quest considerations starting from a u-shaped, shaggy-layered bang attitude.

This is why hair’s texture is important, and it should always be the starting place for any form of frontal hair cut.

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