The Beehive Catches A Sophisticated Rebound

Mad Men’s, Megan Draper, certainly has never looked so right in this season’s spring finale. So, exactly what is with oversize hair that gets everybody so fired upped? The truth is pretty much straightforward; you simply cannot misfire with volume!

mad men photo
Photo by RavenU

The modern-beehive glorifies fashion from the year’s past; yet, this ‘do can easily still do the job today and can be equally as seductive. Celebrity and vogue star, Audrey Hepburn, made popular the beehive coiffure in the 60s, and this season, many superstars have been seen awarding the timeless cut an ultramodern spin of their own.

A few have suggested that late musician Amy Winehouse’s hallmark look was the kindle of this hairstyle’s rebound, as she was seldom found on the pop scene without it. Still, several may have spotted international VIPs–Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Rihanna–showing off the image comfortably at this year’s Grammy awards.

Even though one can usually visit any beauty salon to pick up the present-day beehive cut, it’s important for a client to complete some beehive prep-work at home prior to arriving at their appointment, which will ensure that their stylist will pull off his or her best work.

1) Do not rinse your hair prior to your appointment, as the beehive does not shape properly with just-washed hair because damp hair often falls flat and becomes too soft and sleek for the uplift.

2) Split the top of your hair by running your hands from the top of your ears to the rear of your crown and secure the base by applying a few pins.

3) Mist the hair with a light texture spray to bring in more volume

Once at the saloon, your hairstylist will handle the rest to get your contemporary 60’s ‘do looking perfect. Alternatively, there are other substitute, beehive-based designs to choose from for those women who don’t plan to go all day strolling around with a volume of hair. The pre-appointment prep-work for these styles is the exactly same as noted above.

Let’s explore two popular trends:

The Bardot Ponytail

An excellent tease blasts just about any 1960s hairstyle, and the vintage ponytail fired up by Brigitte Bardot is no exception. Ask your hairstylist to generate an awesome Caroline Knapp tease by crowding the hair into a low ponytail to focus on volume near the crown. All that you will require to take care of this hairstyle at home is some hairspray, a teasing brush and an elastic band.

Time-Honored Pin Curls

Pin swirls-an appeal that stormed the early ’60s-are fashioned by rolling up wet hair into loops and pinning them firmly against the scalp. After your hairstylist towels the hair dry, he or she will take off the pins and comb out the hair achieve a trendy pin curl that would even make pop-singer Taylor Swift green with envy.

For a mad awesome hairstyle, give me a shout – let’s schedule your appointment.