Potential Hollywood Extension Looks For Modern Women

Cool celebrity women like Jennifer Aniston and Miley Cyrus just seem always to get it right; they trust their stylist to braid some eye-candy extensions into their already gorgeous locks to create voluptuous styles that no one else has but will soon yearn for after seeing them on the silver screen.

Chances are you’ve already observed an extension-enhanced creation on the red carpet that just knocked you out.

What you may not know is that you do not have to be a Hollywood star with celebrity big bucks to secure similar hair.

Your neighborhood stylist can fashion up some volume-attractive locks with the help of a few budget-friendly hair pieces, coloring and a couple of hot tools.

Let’s check out how a few well-known women flaunt their stylish hair extensions and find out if one of them could work for you….

Kylie Jenner

Extension Type: Human Hair
Best For: Young women with thin to thick hair texture who want colorful locks.

If your tresses are at least six-inch long, you may want to ask your stylist if she can install some voluminous colorful locks before heading back to the dorms. Kylie is known for adding lively multihued ends-pieces to her hair, which are in-vogue in today’s younger crowds. Your stylist can also naturally intermingle vivid colors more efficiently by adding a few waves and curls after braiding in your new extensions.

christie brinkley photo
Photo by Rubenstein

Christie Brinkley

Extension Type: Synthetic Hair
Best For: Those who sport ponytails or buns.

Sometimes a clip-in extension is the way to go for adding temporary volume to a ponytail. With this type of celebrity extension, you can perform a one-minute makeover by installing the hair piece to your own braid for some extra length and fill. Women can also wrap their new Brinkley tress into a messy bun, if they wish, with help of a few bobby pins.

Jennifer Aniston

Extension Type: Human Hair
Best For: Anyone, but just make sure your hair matches the extension’s color.

In 2011, Aniston replaced her chic bob with longer extensions after she reportedly missed flaunting her trademark extended locks. Aniston’s goal was to take on Gisele Bündchen’s exquisite hairstyle, which resulted in the actress acquiring a unique, older “Jen-look” in the film, Just Go With It.

Miley Cyrus

Extension Type: Human Hair
Best For: Women who want an extra-long, flowing hair look.

Remember Hannah Montana’s healthy-flowing brown tresses? Well, none of it was ever real. Yes, Cyrus has been sporting long flowing hair extensions since her wonder years, locks of which seems to be making a comeback after she recently replaced her chopped punk blonde pixie with an extension-enhanced wavy lob.

demi lovato photo
Photo by Portal Focka

Demi Lovato

Extension Type: Synthetic Hair
Best For: An “every once-in-a-while” fun night out.

Hair extensions need not be permanent thing, nor need they be a temporary deal. Think of Halloween or that unusual fantasy party that the school is throwing next week. Adding blue, blonde, yellow or red tresses can be a one-day thing that a person can rock only on special occasions. Just be sure to ask your stylist which colorful, faux-strand extension would work best for your particular texture.

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