Hairstyles in the News September 12, 2011

Welcome to this week’s Hairstyles in the News! New York’s Fashion Week was in full gear and celebrities showed up looking gorgeous with spectacular fashions and hairstyles. This year’s Fashion Night Out also highlighted celebrities look great, and one of our favorites was wearing a retro style your grandmother would be proud of. We also have two versions of a very popular style, the choppy bob, and a bit of color for you to check out. If you see a style you’d like to try out, be sure to ask your stylist to make it your own. On to this week’s celebrity hairstyles…
Mr. Paparazzi

Vanessa Hudgins has let her hair grow out and at NY Fashion Week had it styled in a sleek mid-length style. You can get this look with a flat iron and some medium hold hair spray. Be sure to use a heat protecting product before you use a flat iron to protect your hair from high heat appliances.
Style Bistro

Olivia Munn has her hair cut in a choppy bob and was wearing it straight at the recent Contagion premier. This is another easy style that depends on a great haircut. Ask your stylist for a choppy bob cut with a razor. Razor cuts are perfect for wavy hair since this type of cut releases the natural volume in your hair.
Style Bistro

Kirsten Dunst is wearing her mid-length bob in a flip. You can use a flat iron to achieve the sleek look and flip on the ends. Simply twist the ends of your hair up and use some extra hold hairspray to keep everything in place. Flat irons create a different type of curl than curling irons and are great to switch your look up.

Nicki Manji is known for outlandish hairstyles and hair accessories. At NY Fashion Week she wore a humungous pink bow in her hair. While you may not want to go so big, hair accessories are very trendy this season. You can find very pretty and stylish ones for next to nothing at department and discount stores.
Style Bistro

Kelly Osbourne is one of our favorite celebrities to watch. She likes to have fun with her hair and looks great no matter how she wears it. At Fashion Night Out she wore a retro beehive. Beehives are making a comeback and have been trendy for a while now. The secret to a great looking beehive is backcombing. You might want to have your stylist do your beehive, or at least have her show you the basics of backcombing.
Daily Mail UK

Amber Le Bon has her hair colored in the latest trend, dipped hair. Here she has her caramel brown hair dipped a very stunning dark pink. This technique works on all hair colors, but if you have dark hair your stylist will have to bleach then ends to get the right tone of color.

That’s it for this week. Keep your eye out for new trends with the seasons changing. It will be interesting and exciting to see what celebrity trends fall and winter bring. Until next week, be safe and be stylish!

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