Hairstyles in the News Nov. 22

Glamor doesn’t have to mean fussy. This week we see celebrity hairstyles that are polished, chic and easy to wear. The key is to relax and have fun with your hair, but as we see in one example – not too much fun… The key is also to start with a great haircut and the right styling products. Many of these styles can be dressed up or dressed down with accessories such as jeweled clips and pins. If your hair is short consider getting human hair extensions to add length and body. Now on to this week’s celebrities.

Tina Fey has her hair pulled back in an easy yet stylish ponytail. A bit of lift was added at the roots to keep it looking glamorous. This is a great style if you are busy but still need to look your best.

Jessica Szohr is sporting a very easy to manage style with two braids plaited along her center part. This keeps her hair in check but lets her long wavy locks have freedom. This is another easy yet chic style for busy women that you can keep under control with an anti-frizz product and soft hold hairspray.

Jennifer Lopez has beautiful hair and looks good in almost any style. Here we see her in a popular half up/half down style that can be causal or dressy. Her long bangs help to frame her features and add an extra softness to this look. Use a large barrel curling iron to add some waves.

Michelle Williams shows us that a short do can be very sexy and feminine. This cute cut requires minimum styling time and is great for women who need to be out the door in a flash. Michelle’s long bangs help to accent her eyes. You can vary the bang length and have them heavy or wispy.

Disney star and up and coming singer, Selena Gomez, looks polished and chic with her hair in a trendy side braid. This style is both messy and pulled together all at once and is a great everyday and special night out look.

Ke$ha is known for her changing hairstyles and fashions, but what was she thinking with this blonde mullet wig? There’s such a thing as trendy and cutting edge and just plain weird. A better choice might have been to stick with the curls and waves and leave the mullet behind.

Rhianna was seen at the American Music Awards with long red curls. While some feel this is much too extreme, it is a style that is easy to care for and easy to wear. Rhianna looks good and the curls give her some lift and match her outgoing personality. If you opt for this look, keep the frizz under control with an anit-frizz product and soft with a deep conditioner.

That’s it for this week’s Hairstyles in the News. If you see a style or color you’d like to try, consult your stylist and let her show you how to have a relaxed style that still looks polished. Your stylist is your best resource for hairstyles that match your facial shape and lifestyle. She can also recommend professional products to keep your hair healthy, shiny and under control.

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