Hairstyles in the News May 30, 2011 – Oklahoma City Hairdresser

Welcome to this week’s edition of Hairstyles in the News! This week we have a wide variety of styles for you to check out from long and straight to the latest rage in fashion, feather extensions. Take a look at the celebrities this week and see if you can tell if some of the have natural human hair extensions or if their look is obtained by using their natural hair. With expert placement natural human hair extensions look and feel just like your natural hair. Your stylist will use the placement process which is best for your hair and the look you want to obtain. Now on to the celebrities to see if there is a look you want to try out.
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Fergie returned to her blonde look at the FiFi Awards in New York City recently. She looks fresh and young with a new color and long loose hair. If you want to try out blonde hair, be sure to visit your stylist to get the best color for your complexion and to keep your hair looking great. Bleach is hard on your hair and your stylist has the professional products to protect and nourish your hair while giving you the color you love.
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At the American Idol Finale, Carrie Underwood wore an updo with a playful flip. To get this look, use a volumizing product on your towel dried hair. Blow dry your hair using a large brush to flip the ends up and then use hot rollers or a curing iron. Pull your hair up in a messy bun and use a side part to get the cute flip.
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Selena Gomez wore her hair flat ironed at the recent 2011 Billboard Music Awards. Always use a thermal protecting product before you use high heat appliances. This will not only protect your hair from heat and breakage, but give it a sleek shiny look.
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On the flip side, Beyonce wore her hair long and natural at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards. Keep your natural waves and curls under control with an anit-frizz product and a bit of gel. This is another example of a style you can get from human hair extensions added to your natural hair for body and length.
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Ophrah Winfrey bid everyone goodbye on her last show recently and she looked fabulous with her hair styled in the latest trend of “big hair”. Mrs. Obama also looks great in this style and you can get it with hot rollers, a large natural bristle brush and a bit of holding spray. If you need extra volume, backcomb your roots and then smooth your hair over them. Your stylist can teach you this method, or why not let her give you this style and save time and hassle?
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We can’t forget the men of Hollywood. Dustin Hoffman is a fine example of how gray hair can be stylish and sexy. He was at the recent Kung Fu Panda 2 premier looking great as ever. Your stylist has products she can use to bring out the silver in your gray hair, and she can suggest products you can use at home to keep the yellow out of it that can make it look dull and lifeless.
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Lastly we have Jennifer Love Hewitt sporting the latest rage in hair trends, feather extensions. Feather extensions can be styled just like your natural hair and are easy to place. Your stylist uses a speical clip to attach the feathers into your hair without damaging it. A few peeking out or placed near your hairline give you a very trendy look.

That’s if for this week. Remember if you see a style or color you’d like to try out consult with your stylist. She has the knowledge, skills and tools to give you a stunning look for this season and beyond. She can also tailor a look for your facial shape and color for your complexion.

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