Hairstyles in the News June 13, 2011 – Hairstylist Oklahoma City

Welcome to this week’s edition of Hairstyles in the News! Summer is upon us in full force and it is hot and humid over most of the country. You may be spending more time outside and need carefree styles to keep you cool and looking good. Celebrities are sporting more easy styles this summer in a attempt to look cool and polished. Even the First Lady showed up at a function with a style that looked a bit like bedhead. Take a look at this week’s celebrity styles and see if there’s one you might want to try out.
The Daily Beast

At a recent state dinner, First Lady Michelle Obama wore a very flattering curly style. It is good to see Mrs. Obama show a more relaxed side of her style once in a while. You can get this look with some curl enhancer applied to towel dried hair, use a large barrel brush while blow drying your hair and then a curling iron to define your curls. Use a bit of paste to enhance your curls and a medium hold hairspray to finish. The goal is to make your curls look natural and effortless.
Bella Sugar

Nicole Kidman wore a classic ponytail with fringe to the 2011 CMT Awards. Ponytails are very trendy this summer and you can wear yours loose and free like Nicole, or use a paddle brush to back comb it and pump up the volume. A low ponytail at the nape of your neck is also in fashion this summer.
Become Gorgeous

Dame Judi Dench looks great all of the time and one of the reasons is her great haircut. A Pixie is very flattering to women over 40 and is very easy to take care of. Although the Pixie is a very short style, it is still versatile.
Become Gorgeous

Sharon Stone is another star who looks good no matter what she wears. She is wearing a short style in the style of Pixie, but she has opted to wear hers spiky and away from her face. This is an example of the versatility of the Pixie. Your stylist can help you to experiment with styles that will look great on you.
Hollywood Life

Selena Gomez has gone from the darling of Disney to a very beautiful young woman. At the recent MTV Movie Awards she looks quite lovely with a half updo. Her stylist used a large barrel curling iron to give her hair body and waves and then pulled it up into a half ponytail. This is a great style for special nights out this summer or a day at the beach.
Hollywood Life

Jessica Alba wore a slick bun to the CFDA Fashion Awards. A bun is a classic style and you can wear one slicked back like Jessica, or pulled back into a messy do. Either one is on point this summer and a great way to wear your hair up and to stay cool.

That’s all for this week. As the mercury climbs, try out one of these styles and not only stay cool, but look great while you’re doing it. Ask your stylist for heat and sun protective products to keep your scalp and hair free of sun damage. Until next week, stay cool and stay stylish.

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