Hairstyles in the News July 5, 2011

Welcome to this week’s Hairstyles in the News! This week we have some interesting celebrity styles for you to check out. Red continues to be the color of the year and celebrities are wearing red in all shades from orange to deep burgundy. Braids also continue to be popular. What’s so great about braids is once they’re in they’re almost maintenance free. The ballerina bun is seeing a rise in popularity thanks to the Black Swan. Check out what the celebrities are up to this week and talk to your stylist about making one of these hairstyles your own.
Become Gorgeous

Willow Smith is the daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. She is a celebrity in her own right and an upcoming music star. At the recent BET Awards Willow was wearing one of her very creative hairstyles, an intricate braided style that looks like a heart. Braiding is a fine art and if your stylist is proficient at it, she is truly talented.
Become Gorgeous

Liz Lee was seen at the recent MTV Awards with deep red hair and peek-a-boo teal highlights. You may not want to go quite as dramatic as Liz, but this is a very trendy style. She has her hair pulled back into a messy twist that matches her quirky personality.

Blake Lively has chosen a golden red color for her hair in this picture. When you are considering red, be sure to consider your underlying skin tone. Look at the palm of your hand and if it has a pink cast, a cool red would be in order. If your palm has a peach cast, then you may want to wear a warm red. Have your stylist pick a red tone that will compliment your skin tone and work with your hair’s natural pigments.

Drew Barrymore is one of our favorite celebrities to watch. She’s always switching up her looks and in this picture she has deep red hair that brings out her beautiful eyes and goes very well with her skin tone.
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Hillary Swank showed up at the 2011 International Indian Film Academy Awards in a stunning red dress and her hair was pulled back and twisted into a very chic style. She made use of the popular deep side part and a bit of fringe in the front. Her two-toned hair color made a lovely compliment to this style.

Lauren Conrad is just one of many celebrities wearing a ballerina bun. This classic style has experienced a boost in popularity since the release of the movie Black Swan. You can wear a bun high on your crown or low on the nape of your neck. It is a hair style that goes with almost any outfit and is perfect for a special occasion or a night out on the town.

That’s it for this week. Be sure to book an appointment with your stylist if you see a style you’d like to try out. Until next week, enjoy the summer and give some thought to a new color and cut for the season. Your stylist can suggest a style that is perfect for your hair and lifestyle.

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