Hairstyles in the News January 10, 2010

Greetings for this week of Hairstyles in the News. Hope your New Year is progressing nicely and all of your resolutions are still in tact. This week we have a wide variety of celebrity styles to choose from along with one “what was he thinking?” moment. Remember if you see any looks you want to try out, give your stylist a call and let her help you tailor it to your face and lifestyle. Now onto the celebrities of the week.

Kim Kardashian is always in the news for her stunning beauty and this week we see her in a totally new look, cornrows. While some people may question the choice of Kim, she looks great no matter how she styles her hair. Cornrows and braids are easy to take care of and if done professionally last for many weeks.
Hollywood Life

Taylor Swift has naturally wavy hair and at the recent American Music Awards she had her hair straightened with a bit of fullness to add lift. Her cut is very flattering and the choppy bangs draw your attention to her beautiful eyes. You can get this look with a flat iron or try out one of the new straightening products that can temporarily or permanently straighten your hair without damaging it. Ask your stylist which is best for your hair.
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Channing Tatum has his hair cut short and this gives him a very polished look. Men’s hairstyles run the gamut from long skater looks to short military styles. Channing has balanced both ends of the spectrum and looks relaxed yet very put together.

Mischa Barton also opted for straight hair and the layered cut with feathery ends really frames her face and brings our her stunning features. Combined with some light choppy bangs that bring out her eyes, this is a very good look for her.
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Melody Thorton at Les Girls fundraiser for the National Breast Cancer Awareness Coalition gives a nod to retro styles with soft curls and a side part. Side parts are great for women who have wide faces to break up the lines and soften their features. Her soft caramel highlights compliment her lovely complexion to give her a polished look that is fabulous.

Cheryl Cole’s messy updo is an example of chic styling that is easy to wear. Her curls are soft and frame her face. This style is fairly easy to achieve, curl your hair with hot rollers or a large barrel curling iron then gather it up in a loose chignon and pin it in place. Pull a few curls down to frame your face, spritz with hold spray and you’re ready to a fun night out.
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Pete Wentz wins our “what was he thinking” spot for the week. This curly style is such a drastic change for the singer that it makes him look totally different. It looks like he got a bad perm and just decided to cut off his hair until it grew out. This might not be the case, but this could be an example of a perm gone bad or of hair that is fried and needs some TLC. Avoid this by always going to your stylist for a perm and be honest about any color treatments that you’ve used in your hair so that you don’t end up with a head of frizz.

That’s it for this week. Celebrities have access to all the latest hair care and hair styling techniques. You can too by going to a stylist that is experienced, trained and keeps up on the latest products, techniques and trends. Make an appointment today to start the New Year off right and give your hair the tender loving care it needs to make you look your best throughout 2011 and beyond.

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