Hairstyles in the News February 21, 2011

Welcome to this week’s edition of Hairstyles in the News. This week we have long curls, short chic gray hair and dimensional brunette color. Celebrities pulled out all of the stops for the BAFTA and the Grammy Awards this year. You can have celebrity hair with the help of your stylist. If you see a look you like, visit your stylist and let her tailor it to your face shape and lifestyle.
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Kimberly Walsh attended the recent BAFTA awards with her hair in long loose curls. You can get this look with mousse applied to towel dried hair. Blow dry your hair and fluff it with your fingers. You can get extra volume by drying your hair upside down. Next set your hair in large hot curlers and keep them in until they are cool. Use styling paste and your fingers to define your curls and some hairspray and you’ll be ready for your special night out.
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Eva Green also attended the BAFTA awards and wears her hair in soft curls. Use the same method as above, but after you take out your hot rollers, use a large flat brush to loosen the curls and give your crown and smooth look.
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Jennifer Lopez has a tousled look at the 2011 Grammy Awards. Get this look with some styling paste or wax. Simply blow dry your hair, finger comb it and define it with the paste or wax. Use shine spray and a medium hold hair spray to keep everything in control.
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Jennifer Hudson has her hair styled in a straight sleek look at the Grammy’s. Before you flat iron your hair, protect it with a heat protective product. Flat irons use high heat that can damage your hair shaft or cause it to break if used daily. Have your stylist give your hair an intense moisturizing treatment at least once a week if you use flat irons and curling irons regularly.

Jean Gaultier and her husband Paul attended the Sidaction Gala in Paris recently. Jean has a lovely style for women over 40. Her short hair is feminine yet polished and her gray hair is spectacular. Your stylist can put a wash in your gray hair to bring out the silver tones and reduce any gold or brassy tones some women get in their gray hair.
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Lea Michele wore her hair in soft waves at the Grammy’s. Her hair is a beautiful example of how subtle highlights can give spark and dimension to brunette hair. Lea has soft caramel highlights placed to look like her hair has a sun kissed glow.

Long wavy hair is in style right now and if your hair is too short you can get natural hair extensions to give you the length you want. Natural human hair extensions can be styled just like your hair and can last up to 6 months depending on the method used to place them and the care you give them. Ask your stylist if natural human hair extensions are right for you.

Call now to book an appointment. Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City, OK. Out of town appointments welcome.
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