Five After-Salon-Visit Solutions For The Stylish Woman

Well, you made it home from the salon, and you are happy with you new look. But as the week goes on, you look in the mirror and notice that your hair seems to be losing that spark it had just a few days ago.

hair photo
Photo by Idhren

No Problem! Let’s take a look at five quick fixes for snapping the hair back into shape in between salon visits.

Ways to Hide Roots

There is nothing better than the sensation of flaunting freshly-colored hair; but we also know the hair not always going to stay like that forever. A quick solution for when the dreaded roots start showing is to spoil yourself with some good-looking hair accessories to pop on once your natural color starts to show. Hair accessory advantages come in two-fold; they are a great way to cover up the roots, and they’re a fabulous trend this season.

Oily Hair Solutions

So, you woke you to find your hair feeling a little less than squeaky clean? Don’t worry, check out some dry shampoo! On the days where your roots are a little oilier, any OTC dry-matte shampoo worked well into the hair will do the trick for getting back that fresh and clean feeling. As a bonus, most dry shampoos are amazing for enhancing hair volume as well. An updo will also work–unwashed hair makes for the perfect base to style your hair into an updo; just try forming a chic topknot or a fancy braid for utmost coolness.

Dry Hair and Split End Maintenance

With the fall coming, many of us are spending a lot of time trying to get our locks back to their pre-spring condition. So, if you’re trapped in summer dry-hair mode, just apply some nutritious and moisturizing hair-care products to transform a dull and arid mane, instantly, into a soft tress. Putting on a hair mask for a couple of weeks will also work, but make sure that the product you use is treated in Argan Oil.

Taking Care of Flat Hair

A bad hair day is always super annoying; especially for women who spend hours trying to create the perfect amount of volume on flat, wilted locks. Luckily, we have OTC volumizers to help us out, which will instantly give women some Gisele Bundchen-inspired locks. Alternatively, women can add volume by teasing their flat hair at the crown and using a lighter volumizer product, which will produce a slight boost without weighing the hair down with product.

Quick Fix For a Short Haircut

We’ve all been the victims, once or twice, of novice stylists getting a little too comfortable with cutting our hair. It can feel like the world is ending when looking in the mirror at a shorter-than-expected cut, but fixing it is not that hard to do. Invest in some hair extensions to help get through the gloomy days until the hair grows out. Hair extensions come in different lengths, tones and thickness, but just be sure to have an expert pro-stylist attach them to the hair.


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