Celebrity Hairstyles For The Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner, which means it may be time to make an appointment at your hair salon to decide on the perfect look for the upcoming celebrations. Holiday parties are the best excuse to go all out on your hair and makeup; so, we’re here today to talk about some popular styles that will turn some heads at your next office Xmas party, New Years bash or gatherings with friends and family.

christmas hair photo
Photo by starsandspirals

The Day-to-Dusk Holiday Do’

Lateral-dos are in big demand once December rolls around because women can sport the style professionally during the day at work, and let their locks hang loose when hitting the holiday parties at night. Actress Amanda Seyfried flaunts a silky side-do in most of her films, where her hair is cut just an inch or 2 lower than her shoulders, but its left long enough to be pulled into a side-do for showing off her tresses at less-formal events.

The Messy Side-Do

Pro-stylists can also shape a side-do into a messy bun, which Taylor swift made popular during her 2014 Grammy appearance. Keep in mind that your hair will need some texture to pull off the messy guise. Women can create extra consistency in their hair by using lots of dry shampoo and then combing the back hair up until it gets super big.

The Vivacious Waves For Formal Parties

Boom! If you own long tresses with layers, you can probably pull off the pizzazz that actress Scarlett Johansson’s brings to the table at your next formal holiday dinner. Large bouncy waves are an ideal look for any “big city” holiday event. However, it’s important that you prep your locks before sitting in the chair by washing the hair with a good volumizing shampoo.

TIP: If you really want to go all out, ask your stylist to part the hair in the center, which will make you appear more “in-vogue.”

The Holiday-Sexy, Deep-Side Part

Speaking of parting the hair, a deep-side part is a striking look for a girl to bring to any holiday party. Jessica Alba’s stylist straightens her hair and then layers it until the locks fall together. Her sexy deep-side part complements the hair pinned to the side, and she tops the image off by sporting some awesome earrings to bring out her sex appeal.

The Roaring Twenties Holiday Hair

The Great Gatsby was an exceptional movie because the hairstyles in the film were both modern and unique. To own the latest, roaring-twenties hair for the holidays, your stylist will need to apply a curling iron to the short tresses to form waves. Afterwards, he or she will shape one-inch barrels on each side to create a windy-curly, fake bob. This nostalgic cut works well at a posh New Year’s bash.

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