Carmindy a Natural Beauty

Carmindy has built her reputation as a stellar make up artist who’s style is natural and brings out a woman’s inner beauty. She was born in Southern California and has had a love of beauty and make up for years. These passions led her to become one of the world’s most respected and sought after experts in the field. She has appeared on TLC’s hit show What Not To Wear and authored three books. Her talents have been used in Paris, Havana and Brazil. Her website offers tips and advice for real women that reflect her attitude that every women is beautiful. She also publishes regular newsletters and blogs.

Image by blackbird via Flickr

Camindy has had her work appear in several magazines including Elle, O, Essence, Lucky, Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Glamour. She has also been a consultant to many major cosmetic lines including Maybelline, Avon and Sephora. Recently Carmindy has launched her own line of cosmetics with Sally Hansen appropriately named Sally Hansen Natural Beautry inspired by Carmindy. She felt that there was a need for a new line of cosmetics that would be affordable and give women the natural look that is so popular today.

Her newest book, Crazy Busy Beautiful: Beauty Secrets for Getting Gorgeous Fast, helps women make sense of the vast array of beauty products out there and how to use them. Carmindy says on her website that the variety of products can be overwhelming and that there is no reason to spend a fortune and a lot of time to look good. In her new book she gives tips and tricks on what to buy and how to use the products to save time and money. With her natural beauty and philosophy toward cosmetics, Camindy helps bring out the inner beauty that all women posses.