Candid Mini-Makeover Ideas Direct From Social Media

The “I’m-bored-with-my-hair” jitters may be hitting you this pre-autumn after realizing that January’s makeover has worn out its welcome and March’s highlights are nowhere to be seen, right?

Don’t worry; if you’re considering a mini-makeover before the New Year rings in, but are confused on where to start searching for inspiration, we’ve tracked social media posts this week to look for some minute overhaul ideas to arouse your attention…

bob hair photo
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Faux Bob

Actresses, Emma Watson and Cate Blanchett are the rulers of the faux bob look. Most of the time, we’ll spot these women rocking some ravenous curls with their bobs, while other Instagram posts have the actresses playing the tucked-in turtleneck game, which works well too.

Cinnamon-Twist Tone

Have you seen Drew Barrymore’s new cinnamon-twist colored hair on Facebook?

Her novel hue may resemble a scrumptious doughnut, but be sure that the twists and swirls of this eye-candy color make heads turn in a “whiplash” kind of way.

Back-Sweeping Bun 

If you want to go casual, the back-sweeping bun is one way to go for emitting a chic surfer-girl vibe.

Here, your stylist will cut the locks long, loose and low, allowing the layers to fall out naturally; and thanks to Kylie Jenner’s half-up, half-down display on Pinterest, we have a good portrait of what this new mod level is really about.

Layered Bangs

As if we didn’t love Emma Stone enough already, her pre-fall, Twitter-posting, mane game has raised the bar on the old-feathered layer look.

Now, it may be true that she who holds bangs will embrace a high-maintenance vex, but with today’s layered bangs, it’s all about messy, and that’s the kind of fringe we professionals just love to offer our clients.

Progressive Pigtails

Jennifer Love Hewitt move over, if you own some lengthy locks, why don’t you have your stylist double-braid some pigtails?

And while you’re at it, have him or her cut a relaxed fringe to make the tails more progressive. This is a perfect pre-fall look for folks who hate hair sticking to their heads during the Indian-summer heat.

Frosted Ends 2.0

In 2000, frosted ends took on an over-highlighted bad rap.

Fortunately, actress, Jennifer Lawrence, revamped a 2.0 version, taking frosted ends to hip form at this year’s Golden Globes, after she highlighted her mane with some pearl blonde hue to add a little dimension.

2016 Fem-Curtains

Curtains aren’t just for 90s men anymore. The Instagram, female mode of this old boy-heartthrob look is messier and more scandalous than its male counterpart. Taylor Swift was seen flaunting her 2016 curtains at this year’s AMAs.

Revised Jenny-Hair

And staying in the 90s, anyone who was anyone back then just had to own Jennifer Aniston hair.

Today, it’s still an avant-garde cut for women who desire some silky, full-bodied, face-framing tresses. However, today’s Jenny-hair is much more urbane and classy; just ask socialite Nicole Richie about it.

Messy Bun

Country singer Carrie Underwood posts her messy bun all over her Facebook page. The modern version of this ‘do involves some professional, super-loose styling to get the twisted bun put together just right.

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