How to Whip It Like Willow

Willow Smith, the daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith recently debuted her new video, Whip My Hair on October 18th. It is a lively and very creative video from the nine year old singing sensation. The energy in her video is ramped up by the several detailed hairstyles that Willow wears. She goes from long braided extensions to a complex braided heart on top of her head to a style that can only be described as pastel cotton candy. She does in fact whip her hair around and spread color and individuality in the process. Not to give away the contents of the video, it is worth watching to see this young woman sing and dance her heart out.

How can you get the look of long braids that she features in Whip My Hair? If your hair is not that long, and most people’s hair is not, you can get this look with extensions expertly placed and braided by your hair stylist. You have two choices in extensions, natural human hair and synthetic. Each type has its pros and cons. Natural human hair can be styled and treated just like your own hair, while synthetic hair has a “memory” that is not affected by the elements. One of the main drawbacks to synthetic hair is that it can not be treated with heat like natural human hair extensions, but it is a good choice for this type of hairstyle since you would not be using high heat appliances on your braids anyway.

To take a cue from all of the color used in Willow’s video you may want to consider using fantasy color synthetic extensions. These come in all colors including gold and silver and can add a real spark of personality to your hairstyles. Ask your stylist which type of extensions she recommends. She can make recommendations based on the hairstyle you want, the texture and length of your natural hair and your lifestyle. Be bold – be daring – be like Willow and get out there and whip your hair!

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