Short Hairstyles for Mature Women

While there is no age to try out any kind of hairstyle, some mature women like shorter, more conservative hairstyles than the longer, trendier and youthful styles. However, sticking with conservative shorter hairstyles doesn’t mean that you have to be boring and dull. Short hairstyles can be stylish, chic and refreshing. Check out some of these trendy short hairstyles for mature women, some of which have been sported by celebrities on the red carpet as well. Sure enough, you will find one that strikes your fancy and suits you as well.

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Short, Layered and Volume on Top:

The best way to get a great hairstyle is to keep it simple. One of the best hairstyles is short cropped hair with lots of layers and a fringe. And by short, we mean really short – like a pixie haircut. With the help of the right volumizing products, you can achieve a voluminous look so that your hair doesn’t look too flat. The best thing about this haircut is that it goes well with all face shapes.

Your hair color also plays an important role in maintaining the overall look. A warm, glossy and dark tone such as auburn or deep brown would look great with this haircut. Also, by adding highlights or lowlights, you can make the layers more defined. However, make sure that your hairstylist shows you an exact picture of what color you’ll have after the coloring process.

Slightly Longer with Bangs:

Some women like short haircuts but at the same time they want a little bit of length to play around with. If this is the case with you, the best hairstyle for you is long layers on top that taper off near the ears and end up creating a bob-like effect. Complement this hairstyle with side swept bangs with layers in them so that they are off the face. If you want a bit of coverage for the forehead, you can always go for a side swept fringe. If you have naturally straight hair, this style is perfect for you. All you need to do is get a round styling brush and blow dry.

Voluminous Short Do with Fringe:

Another great style is a voluminous short do to create the perfect look, especially if you have high cheekbones. The layers on the back of the head taper off near the base of the neck and the side fringe tapers off at the cheekbone. Layers add a great touch to this hairstyle and you can style your fringe by creating a flip using the round brush when you plow dry your hair. This hairstyle is for every woman who wants to look sophisticated and stylish at the same time. Keep in mind that this is a high volume hairstyle so you will need the right products to create this look. Talk to your hairstylist and figure out which products work best on your hair.

Again, this is one haircut that looks good on all face shapes so there is a high chance that whatever face shape you have, this cut will look great on you.

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