Great Medium-Length Hairstyles for Weddings

Whether you’re the bride-to-be or a supportive brides’ maid, if you have medium-length hair, you’ve got lots of hair style options to choose from that will complement your attire. Medium length locks are surprisingly versatile when it comes to special occasions, but you may want to pay a visit to the salon to the get the perfect special-occasion look that will last and last throughout the entire day and into the night. No matter whether your hair is straight or curly, there’s an updo for you that will top off your overall look for some unforgettable photos and great times!

A 19th century Scottish woman with curly hair ...
A 19th century Scottish woman with curly hair – Mrs Duncan Campbell of Inverneill. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most women mistakenly believe that long hair is the best length for special occasions, but, in fact, medium length hair can be styled using special tools that will make it look longer and more voluminous than it really is with less weight and less hassle than long hair. And, of course, there are permanent or temporary hair extensions that can create surprising effects in medium-length hair. You stylist can help you put together a very formal and yet trendy look you’ll never forget.

Side sweeps are particularly popular with women these days who have a special event like a wedding their future. Using some bobby pins, heavy-duty hairspray, and a little bit of finesse, your stylist can put together something elegant and yet very hip that will last all day and into the night. Side sweeps are best done on straight or curly medium-length hair because hair that’s too long can make this style heavy and hard to manage.

Depending on the length or your hair, a low bun may be a possibility too. Even if your hair isn’t quite long enough for a full bun, a hair piece may be able to give the illusion of long hair, which can be a fun, attention-getting change. A high bun, or upswept hair on the top of the head is also a possibility to create a regal appearance for that special day. Once again, your stylist may have some tricks up his or her sleeve to give the illusion of longer, fuller hair for a day.

If you have curly locks, you may be able to get away with an upsweep or low bun as well, but a French pleat or retro appearance may also be appealing for the big day. A lot of celebrities today wear curly hair pinned up using retro metallic or diamond –studded clips to create a believable flapper-look that brings out the femininity in any woman. Getting retro hairstyles just right takes some technique and it’s definitely best to go to a salon for help if you want it to look just right. Curly hair can be put to good use using this style, however.

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