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With prom season in full swing, young ladies everywhere are trying to find cool hairstyles for prom that are glamorous and sophisticated, yet trendy. Long hair can be especially challenging to work with at prom because there’s so much of it and the options are literally unlimited. Prom-goers can do an upsweep, leave their hair down, or tie it back behind the head. Perhaps the most important thing that girls can do to get the perfect prom-look is try a hairstyle that’s different from what they normally wear. Giving some thought to the prom dress and how the hair will look as part of a whole package is, however, also important.

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One popular style for long hair involves soft waves that are gently swept back behind the head. Taylor Swift has been seen sporting this sort of do. It’s a great hairstyle for prom because if the locks become too loose, the hair can be let down and it will still look great. For nights that involve dancing and some action, a hairstyle that has some versatility might be the best choice. Planning ahead to keep the hair up during a pre-prom meal and then taking it down for the dance can work well to keep locks looking fresh throughout the evening.

To create soft waves, use a large-barrel and a small barrel curling iron. By making both big and small waves, the hair will look more natural. After all of the locks have been curled, sweep the hair to the back of the head in a loose bun, securing it with bobbing pins or clips. Use hairspray that will allow some movement to the hair. It should be possible to run your fingers through the hair after it’s taken down out of the bun for the rest of the night.

Another popular do is the messy pony tail. This look is particularly trendy and as long as it looks as though “you meant for it to be that way,” it will accomplish the final goal of sophistication coupled with trendiness. The key to a messy pony tail is to work with what you’ve already got. Girls with straight hair can pull the hair up, leaving some strands sticking out in a fan. Girls with slightly wavy hair can sweep the hair up in a similarly stylized pony tail with lots of strands left hanging down around the face.

A messy pony tail should be secured with a rubber band and then hidden using a strand of hair wrapped around it. Using a texturizing cream on wavy hair can give it a messier look (which is desirable). A high-powered hair spray should be used on stick-straight hair once you get it into place. This hair style is best done without the use of a curling iron. As the night wears on, this hair style will only look better and better.

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