Hair Clippings for Oil Mats

Anastasia, of Style By Anastasia in Oklahoma City, OK is one of registered hair stylists all over the US that have committed to save hair clippings to make oil absorbent mats for oil spills, like the one currently threatening the Gulf of Mexico. When you come in for a hair cut, you’re also contributing your clippings to stop environmental pollution, and save wildlife and coastland. Bring a friend or family member with you for a cut. We can really use the hair.

We’ve got an official account number set up to turn in our clippings, because we think it’s senseless to waste something that can be put to such an obvious good use. Besides the wildlife, entire fishing and tourism industries depend on the threatened water lands and it would just be another devastating blow to people already hit by a tough economy and recent disasters.

FYI: Old nylon stockings are welcome, too, because these are used to make the hair mats. See the above video.