Key Components of Emo Style

When walking around the mall, I always see a lot teenage kids wearing outrageous haircuts and hair colors. Then I think back on my own time when I experimented with my own hair. Well, back then, emo wasn’t called emo. It was just branded as strange, weird and other stuff like that. When I sported my hair then, I got the customary raised eyebrow from from both my classmates and my professors. Now, I just comment to myself, ‘These kids stole my ‘do!’

Another example of hair characteristic of emo
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There are no concrete rules to create a true emo haircut. To have an emo haircut is to wear your individuality in the most prominent place possible — your head. There are, however, aside from the basics (emo hair is usually black or died black) some common components:

Fringed bangs. Worn short or long, fringed bangs are pushed, combed or gelled to the side of the face, covering, or slightly covering one eye. Most emo bangs are highlighted with a contrasting color, ranging from pure white to anything neon. The style is flexible: colors are not confined to the bangs – emo’s often sport highlights or high contrast.

Another key feature of the hairstyle is layering. An emo haircut almost always has layers and at times, they are not evenly cut. Layers can be done in several ways: one is by dividing your hair and cutting it different lengths; another by cutting your hair downward, following the contour of your head, for a very sleek, head hugging layer. Some wear layers in a more radical way by having one side long and the other short.

Spikes are also a frequent part of the emo style. Usually, these are done by putting gel on short hair, pulling up the strands, and letting them dry as is. This gives the hair a very unkempt look. They can be as tame as a ‘just woke up’ hair spike to ‘these are deadly weapons’ kind of spikes. The kinds of spikes you can achieve depend on hair length and the bonding strength of your hair gel, hair cement, or hair spray.

The most important part of an emo hairstyle is the individual’s personality. Emo hair is an expression of the emotional state of the wearer.

Wedding Hairstyle Without Headaches

Your wedding is the most important day of your life, and every woman’s dream is to look beautiful on the day she gives her vows.

What a Bride Should Be
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Most brides choose an “updo” for their wedding day because they represent a classic, elegant beauty. But you can look just as elegant and sophisticated with your hair down, through careful styling, so don’t feel obligated to choose an updo for your day.

A style that works well for thicker or layered hair is having dozens of intricate curls all throughout the style. This not only gives your hair more volume, but also looks fantastic in any formal or wedding setting. It is also one of the easier styles to have done and a good amount of hairspray will keep the curls tight and up before, during, and after the ceremony.

A smooth, silky style pulled behind the ears is fantastic for those with thinner or wispier hair. Adding some critical proteins while the hair is being styles will keep your hair looking fresh and sleek. A look like this is almost reminiscent of the Renaissance – it’s very classy.

If you would like to stick with a classic updo, there are plenty of styles to choose from that look good with almost any type of hair. But first you need to decide on your wedding veil, if you are going to wear one. The wedding veil and your hairstyle must work together, so once you have chosen your veil you can move forward.

Updos can range from the simplistic to the intricate, both of which can make a huge impression on your guests.

A tightly pulled knot, either to the side or the back, is minimalist, but has been the choice of brides for generations. The knot must be done in a way that will not make it come undone, but will not be painful either.

An intricate and detailed pull-back updo can take a long time to have styled, but is reminiscent of the classic beauties of history. By far, the pull-back updo is the most elegant of bride’s styles, but it just may not fit your personality or, in some cases, it might be too difficult to keep in shape throughout the wedding.

If you need more detailed advice on the hairstyle you should wear for your wedding day, Anastasia is available for a consultation. We can work with your ideas for what you want done with your hair and the wedding veil you will be wearing. Planning for your wedding is stressful enough, don’t let your hairstyle just become another headache.

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City. Out of town appointments welcome.
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Keep Your Curls Healthy

Curling your hair can bring a whole new dimension to the look you’re trying to achieve. But it’s difficult to get the maximum out of your newly curled locks if they’re not done right for your hair type or if you don’t take lots of care of those waves.

Portrait of girl with curly hair
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Women with naturally curly hair sometimes don’t notice the amount of work they have to do in order to keep their hair in great shape but, since their hair will remain curly, they can stand to not always be perfectionists. If you get your hair curled, you need to keep on top of it to make sure it stays that way.

Bone straight, fine, or soft hair are the most difficult to take care of after you have it curled. So if you want it to stay healthy and beautiful take extra care of your curls.

Maintaining your fresh, curly hair is not a task to be taken on by yourself, though you can reduce your visits to the salon by using curl-enhancing shampoos, being gentle with the blow dryer, and frequently using hot curling rollers.

However, to truly maintain a dazzling curled look, you do need to visit the salon once every 4 to 5 weeks for a professional touch up and advice on your specific hair. The goal is to have your hair look natural and change with you, all the while remaining healthy and beautiful.

If you’re considering going for a curly look or just need a touch up, Anastasia is available for a professional consultation or an appointment. Curly hair is beautiful, but if left to its own devices it will get out of control and completely ruin the point of the look in the first place.

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City. Out of town appointments welcome.
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Anime Hair Is Taking The World By Storm

There’s no disputing how anime has affected hair fashion for young adults.

marimoon versão anime/mangá
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From hair colors that were previously unimaginable to have in public, to styles that were never before attempted, anime style hair has completely changed preconceptions about what we can and can’t do with hair.

Bright, loud colors are the name of the game in going with an anime look. A bright, light pink or blueberry blue go a long way to establishing a whole new look, even if you keep the same hairstyle.

The hairstyles themselves can range from tight bobs and pixy styles to almost porcupine-like spikes — the styles are nearly endless. Most require thick hair, but a more traditional anime style cut can be done with thin hair and still look fantastic.

It’s important to choose a style that forms well with your face. You may want one just like your favorite character, but that exact style might not turn out as well as you hope. Luckily, it’s possible to work with your hair to get a style that’s close to your favorite, no matter the facial type. The key is getting an experienced stylist who is adventurous and comfortable with hair styles based on anime.

You don’t need a mirror-image hairstyle to look just like who you want. Even if your style is close but not quite the same, you and anyone who is familiar with the character you’re trying to emulate will be able to tell. That’s one of the great things about anime hair.

The best thing about going with an anime style look is that you will look unique almost anywhere you go. And if you’re heading to a convention, a professionally done style will really make you stand out from all of those who did theirs at home.

If you want to make your hair up to look like your favorite anime character for whatever reason, or just get an anime style that really contributes to your face shape, a quick consultation will get you on the road to an accurate recreation or style. Call for a consultation with Anastasia to see if your favorite anime hairstyle would work for you.

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City. Out of town appointments welcome.

Hot Hairstyles for Teen Girls in 2009

Looking just right is more important to teenagers than it is to adults. If just one thing looks wrong in the target appearance, their confidence goes right out the window.

Image by bunchofpants via Flickr

Luckily, there are a plethora of low maintenance and fashionable hairstyles for teens in 2009.  So they can not only look great, but also give off whatever image they want at a moment’s notice, and without tons of forethought.

For those teens with short and curly hair, a layered shag cut is perfectly acceptable this year. These cuts can be either wild or more tame, depending on how they’re styled in the morning or that night. Adding highlights throughout the curls or at the tips contributes a whole new dimension to the look.

The bob hairstyle is as popular as ever, and there are limitless ways to wear a bob. The pixie bob is more of a rebellious style, while the blunt-cut bob is more toned down. There are bobs for curly hair, straight hair, short hair, or medium hair – it can work for any teen living any lifestyle.

Long hair is  easy for changing styles by just putting the hair up in a ponytail or brushing it into a different shape, but long hair is much more difficult for teens to maintain, so it’s a commitment that requires frequent attention.

Layered cuts work well for any teen who does not have thin hair. If her hair is thin, a blunt cut will make the hair look fuller and less wispy. But no teen can go wrong with a smoothed down style, which is easy to take care of, versatile, and always in style.

For more formal events like prom, an elegantly weaved up style is always a good choice. There are literally endless ways to have an elaborate pulled-back style, and it leaves a stunning, mature impression.

To get customized options for what hairstyle is best with your hair type and facial features, Anastasia is available for a private consultation or styling appointment. Even if you’ve never had a professional stylist do your hair before, you can have a style as beautiful as you’ve always wanted.

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City.
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Asian Hairstyles Set the Trend

Fashionable hairstyles from Asia have had an increasingly effect on hairstyles around the world. Japan, China, Vietnam, South Korea: Asians have some of the most flexible and best looking hair around, so style comes naturally.

Hair and Fashion Show Fundraiser
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Asian hair is very porous, making it absorb a lot of the moisture from hair products and in the air. Lots of moisture means lots of flexibility with styles and a glamorous, sleek look that many non-Asian women strive for with moisturizing hair products.

From long and flowing curls to short and wispy bobs, Asian hair is constantly setting the stage for the world’s hair fashion. With the wide variety of styles that Asian women can successfully pull off, many contemporary hairstyle trends come straight from Asia, but are adapted to international environments.  Since Asian hair is also generally very heavy, a little hair very easily looks like a lot of hair. Some of the most glamorous, flowing styles that look like they would be hard to pull off are actually very easy with the right preparation. Often times if you would like a beautiful, Asian-style haircut, you will need hair extensions to get the full effect of any hairstyle that requires sleek, heavy hair. Sometimes all you need is the right trendy cut.

Besides the hairstyles themselves, hair highlighting techniques pour straight out of Asia and onto American and European streets and runways. Because Asian hair is either black of very close to black, highlighting gives hair a fantastic, exotic look. Light brown or blonde highlights in black or dark brown hair look much more exotic and exciting than they do in any other hair color.  Of course, you can always go the other way, with dark on light. Contemporary highlighting styles initially began in Japan and South Korea, as a way for young people to stand out from the crowd, and have grown to a staple of international fashion. Dark hair is really gorgeous but, highlighted, it gives a new, distinctive flavor to any head of hair.

If you want to join the thousands of celebrities and every day women following Asian hairstyle trends — whether through wild or flowing styles, highlights, or hair extensions — then you are in luck. Anastasia has a wide variety of experience with any type of hair and can find the style that will work just right for you, whether you have thick, thin, dry, porous, curly, or wavy hair. If you want more Asian-styled hair design, we can get your hair to the perfect consistency to give you that exotic and beautiful look. Call for an appointment or consultation and I am sure you will be pleased with the results. What do you have to lose?

Don’t Let The Fate of Your Hair Rest on A Box!

Using at home hair coloring products is often more damaging to your hair than you know. Do it yourself hair color kits use chemicals like ammonia that are more than strong enough to color your hair, but also leave it dry and damaged.

Girl with purplr hair.
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Because of the wide array of techniques and products professional hairstylists use to color your hair, going to a salon to get your hair colored is far less damaging than doing it on your own.

At home coloring kits provide you a picture on the box which represents the color the dye is supposed to change your hair to. The chemicals in the box are strong enough to get your hair to the desired color as long as your hair isn’t too far off from it in the first place — from dirty blonde to auburn, for example. But consumer hair coloring products remove all of the moisture and protein from your hair, often making it look worse than it was before, just a different color of worse.

Besides the damage that home coloring does to your hair, you will also probably not get the exact color you wanted. Consumer products are not meant to dye to a color that is far different from your natural hair color. If your natural color is light blonde and you want to dye your hair to a dark brown or black, it is going to take more than one dye job to get to the color you want. Multiple applications of strong hair dye in a short period can damage your hair to an extent that not even deep conditioning and protein treatments can save.

A professional hair stylist will decide on the perfect combination of dyes for your hair, to get it just the way you want it. Professional products are not as strong as the products you get at the store, and mixing them or having multiple applications will not damage your hair anywhere near the extent that a do-it-yourself coloring kit will. If you want your hair to turn out to be the exact color you’re looking for with the minimum amount of damage possible, especially over time, then it is best to have a professional take care of your hair coloring needs.

Don’t let the health of your hair rest on a coloring kit in a box. If you would like to have a fresh new color for your hair and still have it as healthy as it was before you dyed it, Anastasia can help. Call to schedule a consultation, and we can work out a hair color that is perfect for you and discuss how we can keep it looking fabulous even after it’s dyed. A woman’s most important asset to her beauty is her hair and, if it’s unhealthy and dry, then it becomes more of a hindrance than an asset.

A New Hairstyle May Keep You Employed

While looking great is always a good idea, right now it may be a better idea than ever. With the economy in the worst shape it’s ever been in, more and more people are losing or are at risk of losing their jobs.

self-made motivational poster and job intervie...
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Having an attractive, professional appearance can give your employer one extra reason to keep you on board, or can even seal the deal in landing you a new job. Doubt it? Then why do  you get a trim for a job interview, and important presentation, etc? Being extra-pleasant in appearance counts for something, and we all know it.

Looking your best has never been more important. In some workplaces, the deciding factor on whether you get laid-off or not may very well be how professional you seem to be – overall – regardless of whether it’s tangible. As long as you work in an environment with others, you are under the watchful eye of your employer who may be looking for someone or something to cut to make up for company losses. Cut something of your own to give yourself an edge over your coworkers: your hair. While  you’re at it, consider switching from the same boring style to one that’s updated, and flatters your facial features, compliments your skin tone, and correctly matches your face shape.

If you have been one of the thousands of unfortunate people to lose their jobs, then there is no doubt that looking your best is in your best interest. You may have a impressive credentials and a fantastic job record, but employers are looking at more than just resumes to determine whether you’re going to give them the best results for their money or not. A prospective employee who looks like a million bucks conveys to the world that they are hard workers and are willing to put forth the effort they need to succeed.

If you go to a job interview with decent credentials and looking like the next new CEO of the company, you’re much more likely to get the job than if you showed up with above and beyond credentials, but your appearance says “average” – “doesn’t pay attention to details” – “not particularly interested in first impressions”. You’re going to need to use every reasonable asset you have to land yourself a new job in these tough times, and a fantastic hairstyle may be just the trick you need.

Whether you’re looking for a new hairstyle or keep or find a new job, there is a custom hairstyle out there for you. Call Anastasia for a consultation or appointment and we can find the hairstyle that really will make you look like a million bucks. You can’t afford to lose your job or stay unemployed, but you can’t afford not to invest in a new style that can get you where you want to be.
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Right Style for your Face Shape

Before you chop off your locks to join the latest bob craze ushered in by Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes, take a step back and learn the basics of spotting the style that best suits you – or more specifically, your face shape. A new season may be enough reason to get a fresh look, but that doesn’t mean that the flowing goddess-like ‘do Angelina Jolie sported on the red carpet will work just as well for you.
Here are some very helpful pointers on how to get your perfect new season coiffure:

Pick out your face shape and work with it.

Determining your face shape is the most important part of the process. Tie your hair back into a sleek ponytail or if your hair is too short, pull hair back with a headband. You should be able to see the outline of your face. I suggest doing the first step very carefully and to take your time studying your face especially if you feel yours fall in between the given face shapes. If that still leaves you at odds with yourself, getting the help of a professional hairstylist is the surest way to go, but if you’re determined to figure this out by yourself, a more scientific approach could benefit you:

DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 29JAN05 - Angelina Jolie, G...
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First, take measurements of the following and write them down (a little bit of math is involved with this method):

  1. Length of your hairline to the bottom of your chin.
  2. The width of the middle of the forehead, measure from left to right.
  3. The width of your face from cheekbone to cheekbone.
  4. The width of the jaw line from either end.

You can use these measurements as a reference to finding your face shape.
Face shapes can be roughly divided into 7 types, namely: oval, round, square, heart, triangular, diamond and oblong.

Oval: Based on the measurements, the forehead and jawline almost have the same width. The length of the face is equal to one and a half times width. A normal shape has a  jaw line that’s slightly narrower than the temples with a subtly round hairline.

This is the easiest and most perfect shape to have because it is well-balanced. Most models and celebrities have this type of face. Best suited for oval face shapes are almost any type of hair length and style just as long as hair doesn’t fall too much on the face or get in the way of the beautiful oval shape.

Round: As the shape suggests, the distance between the forehead and the chin is very close to the distance between your cheeks. The shape of your face looks full with a round chin and hairline. To choose the perfect hairstyle that flatters the face shape, the idea is to find one that lengthens your face.

Best suited for round shapes are styles that focus the fullness at the crown, so height is added at the top, with less width at the side of the face. You can go for short, medium or long hair, just as long as your hair style volume is at the top, and the sides of the face are not heavily accentuated. Should you choose to pick out a short hairstyle, keep in mind that cutting your hair at cheek length is a no-no.

Square: Like round shapes, the distance between your cheeks is close to that of the distance between your forehead and your chin. The difference is there’s a distinctly strong jawline and a square hairline. To balance out this shape, we have to create softness around the jawline area.

The most flattering styles for this shape are rounded hair styles, short to medium in length. Should you want to wear bangs, have the hair swept over to one side to minimize the squareness of your face. Hair falling forward onto your face is also a plus. If you’re looking for a style with longer length, try having one with height at the crown and volume at the sides to make the shape more round.

Blunt bobs (which are in season) do not work best with this face shape, specially ones that are chin-length, since this will accentuate the squareness of the face.

Heart: A heart shape is usually wide at the hairline and temples and slowly narrows to a small, pointed chin. This face shape has more volume at the top of the face, so the idea is to balance it by creating the illusion of a wider chin area.

Chin-length hairstyles suit this shape, since the length will accentuate the bottom part of the face. Straight bangs will not work as well as side-swept ones, because the idea is to make the face shape longer and more balanced, rather than to add more volume at the top-front of the face. If you’re into short styles, be sure to pick cuts that has more weight in the nape area rather than the top.

Jon Voight taken at 60th Academy Awards 4/11/88
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Triangular: Triangular face shapes has narrow forehead and cheekbones while having a wide jawline. As with the other shapes, the key is to pick a hairstyle that will balance the face shape. In this case, the goal is to make the jaw line and chin softer and to widen the forehead.

Generally, shorter hair is more preferable  – that would instantly put all the accent on the top area. If you prefer hair length that is medium to long, choose one that has a lot of layers to evenly balance the unevenness of the face shape. Long hairstyles that are full at the bottom would pull down the face so it would be better to keep the fullness at the top. Be sure to stay clear of center partitions, since those would all the more emphasize the triangle shape.

Diamond: The easiest way to spot a diamond face shape is to look at the cheekbones. If the cheekbone is the most prominent part of the face, with narrowing both at the forehead and down the chin part.

Flattering cuts for a diamond shape are ones that makes the cheekbones appear less prominent while slightly widening the chin area. Chin-length bobs and layered cuts look great on diamonds. While the idea is to balance the face with volume, cuts that cover the face makes the look appear unflattering. If the diamond face shape is long, straight bangs will do the trick.

Oblong: If your face length is much longer than it is wide, then you definitely have an oblong face shape.

The key here is to make the face appear wider, to shorten the length of the face. Short to medium cuts with fullness at the sides of the face are perfect for making the face appear wider. A wispy fringe would even soften the look even more. Layers distribute the emphasis to the whole of the face, so that could be worn in short to longer lengths. If you insist on wearing the hair long and straight, make the partition at the side to prevent lengthening your face. I suggest to wear your hair in short or medium length as much as possible, since long hair works against this type of face shape

Now that you’ve gotten a few tips on your face shape do’s and don’ts, you can start putting it to good use and begin experimenting with the hippest hairstyles of this season. When you visit your local hair stylist, you’ll already have an idea on which styles look flattering on you. Or consult an expert. I’d be remiss if I didn’t plug my own services. I am open for appointments, so call now for an appointment, or come in to the salon (call first, to make sure I’m there). I’ll help you match the right style to your face shape.
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